Custom Jewelry

Art clay silver ring with diamonds
Yes! I will do custom pieces for anyone -- please feel free to contact me through my Etsy shop about custom pieces.

It doesn't matter if you have something very specific in mind or if you just have some vague idea of what you want. We can work together to come up with a final design that fits your vision. I have a wide variety of techniques and materials at my disposal, so don't be afraid to ask for something that seems pretty far out there. Chances are, I've thought of something equally 'out there' at one point or another! ^_^

Some of the techniques I use frequently:

Byzantine chains
Chainmaille - I frequently use many different weaves, and often experiment with new ones and hybrids of existing weaves. I don't keep 'tails' of half-persian on hand, either .. I start it fresh each time!

Glass fusing - I took a class on fusing a couple of years ago, and loved it. I now own a small glass kiln and use it often!

Glass slumping - I began experimenting with slumping shortly after fusing.

Beading - Beading is something I've been doing since my childhood, and it's still quite fun. I use its principles daily in my jewelry designs.

Metal clay - After 4 years of ceramics coursework in high school, metal clay working came fairly easily to me. I have had to develop some of my own techniques for metal clay work, as I live in a very dry climate, which limits my working time.

Polymer clay - Polymer clay is one of the easiest forms of clay to work with, as it doesn't dry out as you work! I love using polymer clay to create some rather unique pieces.

and more! - I knot pearl strands, I work with wire, and I even sometimes throw pottery. ^_^

Fused glass pieces