Thursday, May 8, 2014

Knot Earrings -- sizes, designs & more

I get a lot of requests for custom versions of these earrings, so I thought a post was in order to cover the different designs & sizes. So first, let's cover the different designs:

1) 3D spiral knots -- I can make these in different spiral configurations:  double spirals, triple spirals, even single spirals if the rings are the right size and make it tight.

Double spiral knots in 14k white gold fill
Triple spiral knots in 14k rose gold fill

Triple spiral knots in sterling silver

2) Flat spiral knots -- These look like flat swirls, sort of reminiscent of a pinwheel. They usually have a hole or opening of some sort at the center, but if I pack enough rings into the design, the hole is almost not even noticeable.

Flat spiral in gold fill & silver

3) Fan knots -- These are a particular arrangement of a double/triple spiral knot, which  means extra attention has to be paid when soldering these to the posts. The result is a knot that has one side of it fanned out like feathers.

Solid 10k gold flat spirals on sterling posts

Aside from knot styles, there are many different sizes as well -- I make extremely tiny ones (around 3-4mm), up to very large ones (half inch diameter or larger).
Vermeil & sterling fan knot earrings

I often am asked about sizes and what they look like when wearing. I don't have any real "model" shots, as I would have to be my own model (front-facing cellphone cameras are not particularly good), but with the help of some mirrors and my regular phone camera, I have managed to snap a few.

I have also made some size comparison photos showing several sizes of earrings with known-size objects like a penny & rulers.

Size comparison #1 -- sizes are shown

Size comparison #2 -- against a ruler, sizes shown in text

Super tiny flat spiral knot earrings

Small/medium flat spiral earrings

I hope this helps anyone looking at some of my knot earrings & wondering how big they really are!