Monday, August 25, 2014

New gold designs featured & holiday updates

A week ago or so, I posted about my new chainmaille designs featuring solid gold -- these pieces are now featured items in my shop and made-to-order versions of these items are coming very soon!

I'm also working on some additional unique designs featuring solid 14k gold -- check my shop later this week for these.


The holidays are coming up fast! I know, I know... it's only August and I'm already mentally preparing for the holiday rush. My sales volume usually doubles (even triples) starting in early November, and with a number of made-to-order items in my shop, my daily work volume also increases accordingly.

If you are thinking of anything as a holiday gift, think about placing your order anytime between now and the end of October while my workload is low -- I'll have more time to spend on your piece. Once the end of October rolls around, some made-to-order items may disappear from my shop in favor of ready-to-ship items!