Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More options in 14 gauge byzantine bracelets coming very soon!

Some of the most popular items in my shop are my 14 gauge byzantine bracelets in steel, titanium, and sterling silver. Silver is popular with the ladies, while steel and titanium are the general preference for the gents (of course, guys like the sterling, too -- but more seem to prefer steel and titanium).

Byzantine samples (steel & gold, barrel hybrid, bronze & sterling)

Coming very soon are some mixed metal options to these bracelets with more customization options! To start, I'm pairing sterling silver with titanium and 14k gold filled with steel, but all of my mixed metal options will be available once I have supplies to make them all (e.g. titanium with gold, steel with sterling, etc).

Eventually, you'll be able to choose the combination of metals that you want (eventually, you'll be able to select the pattern of the metal mixture), the finish and the length so that your bracelet is made exactly the way you want it! For now, all of these options are available via special request (send me an Etsy convo).