Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bracelet sizing

I've had a few issues with folks not being sure what size bracelet they need, depending on the style of bracelet, so this post is to help you measure your wrist (or use an existing bracelet that fits) to figure out what size to order in a particular style.

Step 1: Read the listing of the bracelet you want!

I always explain any sizing anomalies in my listings -- for example, heavy gauge byzantine bracelets usually need 1/4 inch to a full inch added to your wrist measurement for proper fit. Be sure to read the listing for this information, you will need it once you know what your wrist measurement is.

Step 2:  Measure your wrist OR check the length of one of your existing, properly fitting bracelets

Sometimes its easy to just use what you have on hand -- if you don't have a flexible tape measure (the soft, super flexible kind used by sewing folks work best), then grab your best-fitting bracelet and a ruler OR a household hardware-store type tape measure.


To measure your wrist, get a tape measure (the kind you use for household measuring will be fine -- they are usually metal and not as flexible, but it'll do the job if necessary -- the best kind are the fabric-like ones that tailors use to measure things like inseam, waist size, etc).

Wrap the tape measure around your wrist snugly, but not super tight. It should be just barely touching your skin all the way around. Record this measurement -- this is your wrist size (preferably in inches!).


If you want to measure a bracelet you already have, the easiest way to do it is with a ruler & gravity. Take your bracelet and grab it by the clasp and let it hang in the air vertically. Hold your ruler up against it such that the tip of the clasp is on the first line on the "inches" part of the ruler (if your ruler only has metric measurements, that's fine too -- these can be converted to inches). Record the measurement where the tail end of the bracelet lands on the opposite end of the ruler. That's your current bracelet size.


Step 3:  Put it all together and figure out the correct size

Now we go back to step 1 -- reading the listing. Most of my listings make a suggestion to add a certain amount of extra length to an existing bracelet size OR wrist size. I usually recommend that you take your snug wrist measurement and add a half inch (for comfort and to make it easier to put the bracelet on or take it off) for bracelets that fit true-to-size (these are the very flat kind of bracelets). Some listings will suggest adding a certain amount to a wrist measurement -- these suggestions already account for that extra half inch I just mentioned.

Since that sounds a little confusing and complicated, let's look at some examples.

Example 1:  You want a 14 gauge byzantine bracelet, and you have an existing simple jewelry-store bought figaro chain bracelet that's 7 inches long. 14 gauge byzantine usually needs a whole inch added to your current size for a proper fit. So, you'd add an inch to that 7 inch bracelet length, and order an 8 inch bracelet.

Example 2:  You want a 14 gauge byzantine bracelet, and you just measured your wrist snugly at 7 inches. Here's where that extra half inch comes in -- if your wrist measures a snug 7 inches, you'll want to add the half inch for a normal bracelet, which brings you to 7.5 inches, and then add the extra 1 inch for a 14 gauge byzantine chain, so you would order your bracelet at 8.5 inches.

Still have questions? Ask before you order!

I will always gladly tell you what size bracelet you need based on the information mentioned above -- either tell me what size your bracelets currently are or give me a wrist measurement (and how you like your bracelets to fit, looser or tighter), and I'll tell you what size you should order. Because many of my bracelets' prices depend on length, please ASK  before you order!