Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On past designs... and future projects

Pardon my long absence from this blog! I suppose I could offer some excuse, but that's what it would be. An excuse. So, let's just forget the fact that I've neglected to post anything for awhile and move on. ^_^

A few days ago, I started pawing through my box of jewelry created during a long period of learning new techniques and just generally getting back into jewelry design after a long absence. All I can say about the experience is "oh my." Some of it I still love, but much of it struck me as odd or just downright ugly. *nervous laugh* I found myself just yesterday beginning the tedious process of dismantling the pieces that I could. That's one good thing about a lot of jewelry -- components can be re-used!

As a result, I have a bunch of mounted gemstones all ready to find their way into new pieces, and lots of sections of sterling and gold filled chain (the kind you buy in bulk, not my handmade chainmaille). I just can't help but cringe at some of the ideas I've had in the past, but I suppose everyone has to make their way somehow, right? That offers some consolation, I guess.

Even today, I often think that I lack vision, though my husband would never agree with that, as I am always dreaming up new things I'd like to make. More often than not, those things become a reality, sometimes after a lot of trial and error, but I'm pretty good these days at turning my visions into real tangible items. Of course, I have to have ideas first.

I have a lot of random projects going now, including things that have sat on the back burner for a long time. I'm also awaiting a much-needed shipment of new chainmaille supplies in metals I've had very little of for quite some time (hellloooo saw-cut titanium!). I'm looking forward to creating some new men's designs with a greater variety of titanium as well as some new designs overall with a hefty order of bronze, steel, and sterling.

I'm also sitting on two very beautiful chainmaille pieces that I'd love to list in my shop, but because I plan to enter them in a contest later this year/next year, I have to keep them in my possession for a few more months at the least. One of these pieces was the subject of an earlier blog post, but the other has yet to see the light of day. It's very celtic, and in my own biased opinion, beautiful. Look for  a blog post about it in the near future!