Monday, August 3, 2015

NEW colorful, custom chainmaille charm bracelets!

I've been asked to work on more than a few bracelets this year intended to be charm bracelets, so it got me thinking about offering something almost ready-to-wear/ship in my shop for the same purpose. I love the classic rose chain for a charm bracelet, so that's where I started!

Argentium silver & rainbow anodized titanium rose chain

Almost everyone who contacted me about a charm type bracelet was looking for some color, whether in mixed metals like sterling and gold or anodized titanium or aluminum. I'm not fond of aluminum, but I love working with anodized titanium.

I thought offering some less-common options would also be a neat idea, so I started working with bronze, a favorite metal of mine.

Bronze, steel & green/teal anodized titanium rose chain

Of course, these designs can be worn on their own and would look just as beautiful!

Argentium silver, anodized titanium & steel slightly modified rose chain

There's more to come, but for now, look for these designs in my shop HERE