Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Spinner rings!

I've been working on some new designs & learning some new techniques, and spinner rings were always something I wanted to make. I believed I already had the skills to do it, I just lacked one tool -- a large enough steel dapping punch to finish them off.  I finally was able to pick one up recently, and so my first order of business was to try making a spinner!

Spinner rings:  copper/bronze (left); sterling silver, rose gold fill & white gold fill(middle), solid copper (right)

My intial ring is made of solid copper -- the inner band and spinning bands are both solid, raw copper that's been given a texture (I used different textures for each band). They are soldered with medium silver solder for solid, strong joints -- that was the test, really -- could my solder joints withstand the hammering? Indeed, they can. Over the past few days, I've been able to create 3 different rings and I have so many ideas to expand on this design.

Solid, raw copper spinner ring

The copper ring went so well that I wanted to try sterling -- so the ring you see in the middle of the above photo was the next one to be made. I like the idea of making the spinning band out of wire, so I thought, why not hammer some 16 gauge 14k gold filled wire and make a pair of bands to go with the sterling? Originally I had wanted to do yellow and rose gold fill, but right now I have no 16 gauge yellow wire, but I have both white and rose, so I went with those. I gave the white a much more faceted appearance than the rose, so there's some contrast in textures, too. Another success!

Sterling silver, 14k rose & white gold filled spinner ring

How about two-tone? My endgame is to make an argentium & mokume ring for myself (if it works well, I will offer this design in my shop, perhaps by the holidays), but all of these rings are for practice before I go and attempt to work with the lovely copper & argentium mokume made by Shining Wave Metals.

Solid, raw bronze & copper spinner ring

Ultimately, I'd like to add cabochon settings to some of these and use rose-cut cabs and also personalize them by stamping the inner band with names or initials, perhaps wedding dates or other meaningful things. These would make lovely, very unique wedding rings & gifts!

More coming soon...